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Delilah make-up


OPI simply the best
  • gain an hour of your life back
  • hair and nails at the same time
  • gel nails or classic infinite shine
  • get the VIP OPI spa treatment, a facial for your hands
  • or just sit in the comfort of the salon and leave with beautiful nails
Delilah make-up


Enhancing your best features
  • how to do your own make-up
  • changing from day to night looks that are all about you
  • the importance of eyebrows
  • brushes – how many do I need? Which ones? What do they do?
  • bring along your own make-up bag, find out what’s working and what to change


Cutting, styling and advice
  • why the right hair colour is your most important fashion accessory
  • finding the right cut for the shape of your face and the texture of hair
  • thin, thick, frizzy, you name it; we are all different and have our own individual needs
  • how to get the best results using the right products and tools for your hair


and other special events
  • achieving a look to feel your best
  • comfortable and confident when you see your reflection in the mirror and in your photos
Baljit Hunjan bespoke brows


Baljit Hunjan bespoke brows

Everyone has their own personal style

Come along to Vicky Newman Hair and Make-up and make the most of yours!